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Our mission, at Music Together of the Chinook Wind, is to provide the highest quality music and movement experience to children ages 0-8 in Calgary and Cochrane. We seek to foster family style learning of music-makers in a developmentally appropriate, fun, and engaging environment.

Weekly Music Together® classes are forty-five to fifty minutes long and include a culturally rich collection of songs, nursery rhymes, chants and jams. The class is filled with activities to inspire learning of music through modeling as parents and caregivers. It is a fun, relaxed atmosphere where permission is granted for silliness, free expression and fun, regardless of your perceived musical talent or abilities. Every class you’ll be sure to find

Vocal and rhythmic play

Use of musical rhythmic instruments

Free dance

Instrumental play alongs

Genuine Fun!

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For more Music Together locations: http://www.musictogether.com

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