Meet our Teachers

JoDana Hartwick

Center Director

Registered Music Together® Teacher

JoDana Headshot 600x800I first came to hear about Music Together while I was nannying two beautiful children who were registered in the program. I fell in love with this music program as I participated with these kiddos. When it came time for me to move on to another position I found myself wondering what it would take to become a Music Together teacher.

I pursued my training with the support and encouragement of the wonderful Music Together family in Edmonton. Music Together truly speaks to me and my passions. I am passionate about working with people and in particular children and I am also passionate about music. I was raised in a home filled with music and could not imagine my life with out it. I have been singing and playing the piano since before I can remember. I love the raw and rich emotion that comes through in music. I am no stranger to Joy, Love, Hurt, Loss, Peace, Excitement and even Silliness that you can feel through music.

I love how Music Together brings families and people together in a fun and friendly environment. Music can build strong connections between people and not only can you experience this in a Music Together class but you also get to model this for your children. Music Together is a program that any age can enjoy and appreciate. From the babies cooing and babbling along to the toddler dancing, singing, clapping and bopping to the moms, dads, nannies and grandparents enjoying the various rhythms and tonal intricacies and building harmony along side their little ones. I can’t help but leave a Music Together class with a feeling of joy and happiness.


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