Do you have the toddler bedtime blues?


I know how it is, I’m a parent of a toddler, sometimes it seems the most dreaded time of the day is du du duuuu…… bedtime. This time of the day can be a real struggle and I’m always trying to figure out the exact remedy to make bedtime, bonding time, with my little ones.

I’m here to offer you a few tips to set yourself up for bedtime success!

It’s a great idea to create a wind down time before bed. Turn off the screens and play some calming music while playing or reading stories or just talking about your day, dimming the lights or turning some extra lights off will contribute to a calming environment. Try to start winding down for an hour or two before bedtime.

Most of the experts will tell you to follow a simple bedtime routine. This can look different for many families but keeping it simple is key. Your routine might include a bath, then jammies, a story (or 2 or 5), then singing goodnight to all the toys and stuffies that share your toddlers bed. Don’t forget to sing your favourite lullaby (or 2 or 5), and a kiss and hug goodnight.

Setting up a simple routine can turn this super stressful time into some awesome one on one bonding time! Goodluck and sweet dreams!


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