Do you have the toddler bedtime blues?


I know how it is, I’m a parent of a toddler, sometimes it seems the most dreaded time of the day is du du duuuu…… bedtime. This time of the day can be a real struggle and I’m always trying to figure out the exact remedy to make bedtime, bonding time, with my little ones.

I’m here to offer you a few tips to set yourself up for bedtime success!

It’s a great idea to create a wind down time before bed. Turn off the screens and play some calming music while playing or reading stories or just talking about your day, dimming the lights or turning some extra lights off will contribute to a calming environment. Try to start winding down for an hour or two before bedtime.

Most of the experts will tell you to follow a simple bedtime routine. This can look different for many families but keeping it simple is key. Your routine might include a bath, then jammies, a story (or 2 or 5), then singing goodnight to all the toys and stuffies that share your toddlers bed. Don’t forget to sing your favourite lullaby (or 2 or 5), and a kiss and hug goodnight.

Setting up a simple routine can turn this super stressful time into some awesome one on one bonding time! Goodluck and sweet dreams!


Try out our Summer Term

Join us for the Summer Songs 3 Collection!

This summer you and your child will gallop like a pony, “March & Drum”, be “Singin’ Every Day,” under “Great Big Stars”, plus shake some ‘Simmons’, and pretend to be a Pussycat. These are just a few of the twenty-one songs we’ll enjoy in this collection.

In addition to your weekly classes, your tuition includes materials for you to use at home, plus digital resources including the Family Music ZoneTM and the Hello Everybody app to access your music from anywhere.

Continue your musical journey with your child, or get started this summer.

Our Summer Term will start on July 5 running for 6 weeks
We will have classes:
Wed @10am in our SE location
Mon @10am in the NW
(no class on Heritage Day)

TO REGISTER click here

The Summer 6 week Tuition Fees are as follows:

First Time Music Together Registrants:
$165/ first child, $75/ siblings born before Dec 1, 2016.
Family Rate: $265 for 3 or more registered children all born before Dec 1, 2016.

If you’ve Registered with Music Together before:
$145/ first child, $75/ siblings born before Dec 1, 2016.
Family Rate: $245 for 3 or more registered children all born before Dec 1, 2016.

Payment must be received in order to guarantee your registration, when registering via email or online, your spot will be held for 2 weeks to give you time to submit your fee. If payment is not received by that time, your registration may become subject to space availability.

Payment methods include:
Cheques payable to Music Together of the Chinook Wind and mail to: Music Together of the Chinook Wind/ PO Box 1724/ Cochrane, AB/ T4C 1B6
or email Money Transfers sent to
OR when you register online you can pay by credit card

Join us for musical fun this Summer!

NW Calgary, SE Calgary

Join us for a free Demo Class

We will be having a free demo class on Friday April 7, at 10 am at our Cochrane Location: Snap Dance Studio, 69 Railway St E, Unit 3, Cochrane AB


Bring your babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts and Uncles all to join in the fun and see what a Music Together class is all about.

Come prepared to sing, dance and have some fun!

In our studio spaces we leave our shoes at the door, non skid socks or indoor shoes are recommended for our little movers. If you have a wee baby you can choose to wear them or hold them you might want to bring a little blanket so you can put them on the floor and let them look at your face while doing some of our songs.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Spring Registration

Registration has begun for our Spring Session of Music Together.

Join us for the Maracas Song Collection this Spring

This semester we will be having so much fun exploring our Maracas song collection. Songs such as Frere jacques is a classic many of us will remember from our childhood. Your children will love waltzing and spinning with you and their teddy bears during Dancing with Teddy, We’ll bounce, clap and wiggle to Jumpin’ Josie. We’ll have some lovely snuggles to the Russian folk song, and hop aboard the the Train to the City, or the moon or wherever our imagination takes us. Looking forward to singing, dancing, jumping, bopping and wiggling this semester with you and your little ones! Be sure to REGISTER EARLY so you don’t miss out!

There is still time to Register for our Winter Semester

Join us for the Stick Song Collection this Winter!

When you join Music Together of the Chinook Wind, each semester you’ll learn twenty-five new songs and activities that your family will enjoy in class and at home. Your children will love to follow-the-leader during “Follow me Down to Carlow,” counting the stars while rocking in your arms during “Great Big Stars,” and thinking up favourite treats from Grandma for “Trot to Grandma’s House.” In addition to imaginative and engaging weekly classes, your tuition includes materials for you to use at home, online access to the curriculum and support materials on the Family Music Zone, and a family newsletter full of resources and music-making ideas. This semester, we will also be having a special Musical PJ Party – and you are invited!

To register simply fill out our online registration form here

Or you can contact us and we will send you a registration email.

You can find our Class Schedule here

First-time Music Together Registrants:
$220.00/ first child; $125.00/ siblings born before April 1, 2016.
Family Rate: $370.00 (for 3 or more registered children all born before April 1, 2016)

If You’ve Registered with MT Before:
$190.00/ first child; $125.00/ siblings born before April 1, 2016
Family Rate: $355.00 (for 3 or more registered children all born before April 1, 2016)

CLASS DESCRIPTIONS (all classes are 45-55mins in length):
MIXED-AGE (for children ages 0-5yrs). Educators have long considered mixed-age groupings beneficial, so Music Together® is designed with this in mind. Research tells us that early childhood learning is best enhanced in a natural family and community environment, rather than in groupings determined by age. This encourages ALL children to participate, process, and experiment with music in whatever way is developmentally appropriate to them, and honours their individuality

We still have spots left for Fall

Please join us as we sing along with the Flute Song Collection this Fall. Your children will love taking off like a Rocketship, running like a Sandpiper, wiggling with you to Shake Those ‘Simmons Down and drumming to the Native American folksong The Earth Is Our Mother. I can’t wait to join you and your little ones for some fun music making this semester!

All our classes start the last week of September. Contact Us to Register


you can register online right here.

Can’t wait to sing along with you and your little ones this fall!

Registration for Spring

Registration for Spring is closed.

We are having so much fun learning, singing, and dancing along to the Tambourine collection. If you weren’t able to make it this term keep an eye out for our next term in the Fall.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!